Thursday, October 14, 2004

Where do they get these people?

In the debate I watched last night, it was clear that Senator John Kerry won. Apparently some in the media were watching a different feed, possibly coming out of Karl "Get Away from My Nest or I'll Rip Out Your Entrails" Rove's ass, and have called the debate a draw.

I guess the fact that Shrubya lied, lied, and then lied some more doesn't mean anything to these media meat puppets.

Does the media get its own kool aid stand when they're watching the debates?

A Siege of Herons

Friday, October 08, 2004

Bushit by Numbers, Pre-debate 2 Edition

Bank of America Corporation announced yesterday that it would cut an additional 4,500 jobs. This brings its total projected job cuts to 17,000 in the wake of a merger with FleetBoston Financial corp.

AT & T Corp. will be firing an additional 7,400 employees this year, bringing the total job loss for the year to 12,300 jobs. The move follows the company's plan to withdraw from the consumer telephone business.

A tip of the paper pirate hat to our boy Georgie, folks. It takes a lot of gall to be so blindingly stupid in this day and age.

And let's all remember, the unemployment rate touted by the Bushista regime does not include those people out of work who
  • are no longer seeking employment
  • have exhausted their unemployment benefits

I suspect the actual percentage of able-bodied people out of work is significantly higher than the 5.4% rate coming out of the Department of Labor.

A Siege of Herons

Blame it on the Jet Stream, Why Don't We?

With the American economy producing only a lowly 96,000 jobs last month, well short of the 150 thousand needed to keep pace with population growth, it seems some are casting about for any ready excuse. It seems the series of hurricanes to pummel Florida is on the receiving end of the blame game this time around, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

Give me a break. To say the state of Florida would've given us a hundred thousand jobs is a joke. Florida is a sinkhole, a sucking belly wound at the bottom of America.

But maybe there is some truth to it. Those hurricanes might have blown away that many Republican trolls whose job it was to disrupt Florida's electoral process. After all, they've repeatedly been doing anything and everything to keep people from voting and to ensure a Chimpy victory.

Somewhere the ghost of a Spanish monarch is having a grand old time laughing about selling that useless chunk of swamp-land to the United States. I wonder if they'd consider refunding our money and taking it back?

A Siege of Herons

Monday, October 04, 2004

Recipe for Steamed Cheney

With the VP debate coming tomorrow, I thought I'd offer up a sumptuous recipe for the open-minded liberal palate, "Beaten-Down Dick," also known as "Steamed Cheney."

  • 1 copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD or Video
  • This website.
  • This website, too.
  • Yet another website.
  • Your beverage of choice.
  • Something soft to throw at the television screen.


  1. Watch Fahrenheit 9/11.
  2. Read the websites.
  3. Turn television to C-Span for the debate.
  4. Pour beverage. If alcoholic in nature, down it quickly, then pour another.
  5. When Cheney is shown speaking on the screen, toss something soft at his head.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 as necessary.

After the debate, develop a list of anti-Cheney talking points, and discuss them with Republican-leaning family, friends, co-workers, etc. The Dick is, sadly enough, the true weak point in this election. We must do everything we can to beat this Dick down. A significant portion of the country does not like Dick, and does not trust Dick!

Let's send a collective "Go Cheney yourself, Dick!" off to Washington on November 2nd!

A Siege of Herons