Thursday, September 30, 2004

What's that sound?

I'm hearing a low roar coming out of Bush country tonight. If I had to guess at what it is, I'd say it's thousands upon thousands of glasses of Republican flavor Kool-Aid being poured for the uncertain faithful.

Kerry cleary tossed Bush around during the debate like a tornado with a trailer. I know media gasbags like Fox News will be trying to portray the Shrub as tonight's winner, but no one with a working mind will buy that line.

Winner of Debate #1: Kerry by a clear landslide.

A Siege of Herons

...better look under the sea...

With the first debate looming large in my field of view, the textbook for the class I am to begin teaching come Monday as missing as Shrubya in '72, and a gloomy day out the window, I'm sitting here with the theme jingle to Sealab 2021 playing over and over in my head.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the Smirking One's verbal contortionist act. Should be good for many slaps of palm to forehead. Thankfully the responses are timed. I'm not sure I could handle free range drawling chimp without screaming and/or bleeding from the eyes.

At the bottom of the sea,

A Siege of Herons

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


With a lot of talk about what the misadministration's October Surprise could be, with guesses ranging from bin Laden's capture to a repeat of 9/11, I'm wondering why no one seems to be contemplating the far more insidious surprise looming, the November Surprise.

Think about it. Sometime early in the morning of Wednesday, November 3rd, after the media officially declares John Kerry the winner of the election, a door is quietly opened.

Looking through this door, we see the spectre of 78 days left to the Bush regime. Just imagine what sort of national havoc this imbecile could wreak in that time.

And those of you who say he wouldn't dare do anything major? Just think back to November, 2000 when an idiot from Texas who was given the Presidency after a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court went on to act as if he'd won an overwhelming majority of the electoral and popular vote. And we all know how well that's turned out.

So before I leave off, just ponder these possible Bush actions in November, December, and January:
  • With nothing left to lose, ordering a full-scale ground assault by the troops in Iraq, causing casualties and deaths among American military forces unlike anything seen thus far
  • Openly gutting every single non-business-friendly regulation he could get his hands on, doing incalculable harm to the American people, economy, and environment
  • With Congress not in session, filling multiple open Federal judicial seats with the most vile brand of rightwing nutjob activist judges (If you thought the one who said the right to an attorney does not mean they have to be awake was good, just imagine what Shrubya would dig up out of spite)

I'm sure there are many other ways this buffoon could screw us openly in those two and a half months. Just thinking about the three I've listed here is enough to cause massive insomnia.

A Siege of Herons

Monday, September 27, 2004

Sick and Tired

I'm about to reach my boiling point with all the synaptically challenged out there who still insist John Kerry is doing a horrible job letting people know who he is and where he stands on the issues.

People? Get up off your lazy asses and open your eyes. It may be a bit too late-20th century for the more parochial among you, but Senator Kerry has a f*cking website with all sorts of information about both him and his views. Assuming you're capable of more than chewing your cud and spouting your ignoarance at any opportunity, and can actually read, you might do well to start there.

Then shuffle those cloven feet down the information superhighway to C-Span and watch videos of John Kerry speaking at campaign stops all over the country.

Still with me? No, don't look at the TV. Keep your eyes off Fox News. Better yet, turn off the damned thing. You obviously aren't capable of watching it responsibly anyway. Don't worry, I'll let you know when it's time for "Cops: White Trash Follies 2" to come on.

Look, if you've gone all this time and not managed to learn anything about John Kerry beyond what the right-wing biased media stirs into your Kool-Aid, then I doubt you'll get anything in the next five or so weeks.

Tell you what, if you're leaning toward Bush on November 2nd, why not just stay home that day? Perhaps we can find a nice monster truck rally for you to watch that night. Or maybe someone can lend you a couple dozen tapes of old Jerry Springer shows to amuse yourself with.

Ignorance is bliss, after all. Otherwise, why would so many be the living embodiment of that phrase?

Feeling better after a nice rant,

A Siege of Herons

1,051 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush/Cheney

According to CNN, U.S. casualties from Operation Infinite Profit are increasing. This month is looking to become one of the deadliest yet in Jesus Bush's Holyland Crusade. If you thought those Medieval Christian jaunts against the Muslims were good, just delve into the details of Jesus Dubya's modern recreation.

Guaranteed to please even the most indiscriminately hateful of our fellow citizens.

A Siege of Herons

Monday, September 20, 2004

Woo and hoo!

After several days of separation due to a faulty power supply, I am now back up with my computer, and the old one has gone back to its resting place. I was able to grab a few files I forgot to burn to CD previously, so all is well.

I'll post something more later, hopefully.

A Siege of Herons

Sunday, September 19, 2004

On the blog again...

It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy with other things, mainly in an attempt to bring myself back from the brink of political news burnout. It's tough sometimes knowing how much info there is about this (mis)administration and also how few actually pay it any mind. And not just the bug eaters and snake handlers of the fundamentalist christian crowd, either.

Anyway, in case anyone is wondering, I've been devoting some of my time recently to the following pursuits:

  • Project Gutenberg began in 1971 with the notion of making public domain (copyright has expired) works available in a digital format. The first work transmitted in this manner was 'The Declaration of Independence.' Since that time, over 12,000 eBooks have been created and made freely available. In 2000, Distributed Proofreaders was founded to aid in the preparation and creation of new eBooks for posting on the Project Gutenberg site. A while back I joined up to help in proofing OCR text taken from scanned page images. It's something I have found I enjoy immensely. To date, I have personally proofread 826 pages of text from a number of different books and magazines. They also have a ranking system, in the spirit of friendly competition, and I am currently ranked 640 out of 13,751. I encourage anyone who thinks they might be interested to check out these sites, and feel free to contact me for my take on doing this kind of thing. I have considered creating a "Team Democrat," and likely would if I knew at least a couple other people who'd be interested in signing on for something like this.
  • In the distant past I was once upon a time a seventh grade student. In my school, certain students (of which I was one such) were allowed to begin studying a foreign language in eighth grade. I had really wanted to learn Latin, but unfortunately the Latin teacher at my school had just retired and wasn't getting replaced. So I had to choose between French and Spanish. The latter has never had any appeal to me, so I picked French. I went on to take five years of the language by the time I graduated from high school. Sadly, there was no one with whom I could practice the language (this was before the Internet exploded into American homes, by about five years to be exact), so my language skills have atrophied. Regardless, this isn't so much about French, as about my recent rekindled interest in learning Latin. I've managed to pick up a few books here or there on the language, and also have been getting others from Textkit, which provides pdf files of public domain Latin and Greek textbooks and readers. I downloaded everything there in a fit of downloading insanity, even though only a couple of the books are of any interest to an absolute beginner. I think I might try to locate a partner to work on learning the language with. Anyone reading this who might be interested, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself.

So there you have it, my wild and (un)crazy free time for the past couple of weeks. I'll post more later maybe, if I can rid myself of this headache. Ugh.

A Siege of Herons